Workshop Documentation

APPLY Poland creates workshop documentation which precisely presents all the details required to produce structures, pipes and installations in workshops. This documentation consists mainly of the following drawings:

  • arrangement layouts,
  • sections,
  • details.

Assembly drawings are prepared together with the presentation of each single element for prefabrication and assembly. The most important requirements and references are given on the drawings, but additionally – the demands defined by the author of the project are accented in the 'prefabrication job card', which is prepared by a specialist and submitted to the workshop as a text document, together with drawings. For the complicated structures, installations – APPLY Poland sends the 'Engineering Work Package' to the workshop, which consists of a detailed description of whole engineering product:

  • the purpose of product use,
  • indication of the assembly location,
  • prefabrication phase
  • installation philosophy
  • requirements (in details).

Additionally the Safe Job Analysis is performed.

This 'EWP' – equipped of text, pictures, sketches - is destined mostly for the installation phase, but it is also helpful for prefabrication.

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