Our services are mainly focused on the oil & gas, refinery and petrochemical industries with ranging from studies to complete detail engineering including simulation, calculation, specification and sizing of equipment and instruments. Our process department provides all necessary process design documentation to the client. The process department also performs support, modification, maintenance, troubleshooting engineering, technical tests, start-up and acceptance.

The process team has design experience in the following industry areas:

  • Upstream and downstream gas & oil
  • Refinery facilities
  • Petrochemical facilities
  • Offshore facilities, gas & oil production platforms and FPSO
  • Gas and water injection to the oil field
  • Utilities & offsites
  • Interconnections
  • Soda works facilities
  • Sulphuric acid facilities
  • Solid handling and transport

and is familiar with the following norms, standards, recommendations and guidelines:

  • HSE norms & standards
  • EU norms
  • ISO norms
  • NORSOK & Shell standards
  • OLF guidelines
  • API recommendations
  • American Bureau of Shipping recommendations

Our experience with a wide range of unit process and operation designing allows us to design in all industry branches as well. In other areas, the process department can design, amongst others , the following:

  • Cooling water systems
  • Heating medium systems
  • Steam systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • Hydraulic power systems
  • Lubrication oil systems
  • Pump stations
  • Tank farms, etc.

Additionally, the process department has the possibility of cooperating with AGH University of Since and Technology in Cracow, Cracow University of Technology, Oil and Gas Institute in Cracow.

Main Activities

The typical process activities are, amongst others, the following:

  • Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
  • Utility Flow Diagram (UFD)
  • Heat & Material Balance (H&MB)
  • Process & Instrument Diagram (P&ID)
  • Engineering calculations and simulations
  • Equipment specification, sizing and selection
  • Lines sizing and specification
  • Instrument specification, sizing and selection
  • Operation, control, startup and shutdown philosophy
  • Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) and Hazard Identification Study (HAZID) assistance
  • Third party documents evaluations
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation and coordination
  • Client meeting organization/participation

Tools and software

The tools and software used by our engineers are the following:

  • HYSYS - process simulation
  • Flarenet, Flaresim - flare, relief and blowdown simulation
  • AspenPlus, Pro II, Chemcad - process simulation
  • Aspen Zyqad, Frontrunner – front-end design work flow integration
  • AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow - piping system modelling
  • OLGA - pipeline flow assurance
  • Pals2000 - hydraulic calculation
  • FLUENT - flow modelling (CFD calculation)
  • Mathcad, Matlab - other engineering calculation
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