Statfjord FLX – Maintenance & Modification – Equinor (2020-)

In 2020 Moreld APPLY was awarded a framework agreement for Design and Installation Services (E&I) by Equinor for a life extension of the Statfjord field (Statfjord FLX), where APPLY Poland has been involved in the implementation of projects from the very beginning. The contract will have be of significant volume and has a duration of seven years, with the option for extension for another three years.

The agreement allows Moreld APPLY to further develop our cooperation with Equinor to establish a new industry standard for design and installation services. An integrated team consisting of the two parties will ensure the necessary cost reductions to extend the lifespan of Statfjord through innovative, and industrial solutions. The agreement also allows for close cooperation with the supplier industry to find smart and efficient solutions for equipment on the installations.

From 2023 the contract also includes maintenance & modification engineering services for Gina Krog platform.

See Statfjord B platform:

See Gina Krog platform:

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